About three years ago my practice shifted focus from drawing to ceramics. Since then I have been exploring clay and sculptural practice. Currently, I have my own studio, Lich Yard, in the centre of Norwich with my own kiln.

Moving into sculpture has changed the conceptual focus of my practice, but I continue to be fascinated by the transformation of the familiar into the strange. I am conjuring wild places from my head, sometimes based on real places I have been, sometimes natural, sometimes man made. I am striving for a sense of menace: in natural places which have eaten away at any man made structure, in industrial buildings stained with pollution or in sun baked outcrops with with ancient ruins and abandoned pools.

 Alongside my creative practice I am also an Artist Educator with over 10 years experience and part of the management team of Print To The People, a open access print studio based in Norwich, UK.

If you want to see more of my work then follow me on instagram @jemmajwatts


Raku is a Japanese inspired process where bisque fired work is glazed and the quickly fired up to around 1000 degrees. It is removed from the kiln at bright red heat and placed in containers of combustible materials, which blackens raw clay and causes crazing in the glaze surface. This process of post-firing reduction (an oxygen depleted atmosphere) can cause some components of glazes to change colour (such as copper oxide becoming red instead of green)