Ruin #3

Part of a series of works exploring wilderness. These pieces were

made with the Raku process which you can read more about on my home


Evoking a sense of place, but often not a fixed place, coastal or

mountainous, remote and wind swept, these pieces could be depicting the

Scottish isles, Cornwall or Iceland. Their scale challenges the

conventional representations of monumentality and vastness. These petite

pieces are not miniatures but wild and serious scenes that capture the

gravitas and strength of nature.

The textures are raw yet sumptuous. Carbon which has become part of

the clay in the firing process glimmers like silver in some places and

in others give a deep matt grey surface. There is a feeling that these

pieces haven't been sculpted but have emerged out of the clay, as if the

clay has been reformed into the rock it was originally eroded from.

Please ask if you would like to see more pictures of this piece, or

if you live near Norwich, UK I am happy to arrange a studio visit

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